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Structural Foundation Solutions  

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Installing Steel Piers or Concrete Piers to lift, level, or stabilize the foundation, depends on several factors, type of structure, type of foundation, location of structure, type of soil (clay, sandy loam, sand, etc the structure is sitting on, thus being the reason why we offer both piering systems. Let our experienced team of Structural Repair Specialists evaluate your issue to determine which pier is the best solution to solve your foundation repair needs.

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Crawl Space


Pier and Beam Crawl Spaces can be a breeding ground for many different issues,especially if it sits low to the ground, where the main support beam, floor joists can absorb moisture out of the soil into the wood, which can cause it to grow mold, dry rot and decay, weakening the wood causing it to sag or break. This is also a great way to attract the unforgiving termites and wood ants, which will eat away the wood from the inside out and cause a lot of damage and a very big problem very fast!! Do you have spongy or sagging uneven floors? Let our experienced Structural Repair Specialist team evaluate your issue to determine what is the best solution to solve your crawl space needs. 

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Basement Wall


Most Basement Walls play a significant role in the structures foundation, therefore it is imperative that if you have cracks or begin to notice cracks in the basement walls to address the issue before it becomes a major structural problem, like you see in this photo. Smaller cracks should be filled with specific type urethane then sealed with a certain epoxy paste to stop any moisture from penetrating through the cracks. If the wall has signs of deflection or bowing, a basement wall kit may be installed, once the wall has more than 2 inches of deflection then tie-backs or worse replacing the wall may be the only option. This becomes a very costly repair. Our experienced Structural Repair Specialist can evaluate your issue to determine the best solutions to solving all your basement wall repair needs.

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Drainage Solutions


Too much water can be a big issue for any type of structures foundation, In fact it is one of the leading causes of foundation problems. Pooling or Ponding water around the structures foundation affects the strata in the soil turning it in to mush or mud,  which then compromises its ability to hold the weight of the structure and eventually causes it to settle. Flowing water around any structures foundation causes erosion which ultimately creates a void between the soil and foundation leaving nothing to hold it up causing it to settle. French Drains installed can take the water and disperse it to other areas if needed, where as a Surface Drain can collect the water and get rid of it altogether. Concrete Flumes or other type drainage solutions may be necessary. If you have or suspect you may have a water issue, Let our experienced Structural Repair Specialist team evaluate your property to determine the best solutions to solving all you drainage needs. 

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Flat Work, Footings, Foundations


Looking to spruce up the appearance around your home or rental property and need to replace a cracked, broken, crumbling, peeling, sunken driveway, sidewalk, porch or patio? Maybe you have an existing structure that has a weak crumbling dilapidated foundation walls, which is in need of a new foundation? Or Adding on a new room to your existing structure and need a new concrete footing, foundation and slab?  We can do all of this and more as well. Let our experienced Structural Repair Specialist team evaluate your issue or project to determine the best solutions and options to all of your flat work, footings, new foundation needs.

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Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance is key to protecting your investment. Whether it's adding guttering extenders to get the water flowing further away from the structure, so you do not have pooling or ponding water, as you see in this photo, adding some soil back into holes or walking path created by the family pet, keeping the gutters clean of leaves and twigs to allow the gutters to work properly, clogged up allows the water to back-flow and go over the side of the gutters, which can bend and damage them as well as allowing moisture to damage or rot the fascia board behind the guttering. Removing tree's and shrubbery that has become too big or planted to close to the structure, the roots from these not only dissipate moisture out of the soil, shrink the soils and cause settlement, but can grow up under the foundation and cause heaving or lifting of the foundation, and can also get into plumbing lines causing leaks that can create a void ultimately affecting the slab allowing it to drop or sink. Here exclusively at ALLSTRUCTURES, We offer a Preventative Maintenance Service Program to help with these issues. Let our experienced Structural Repair Specialist team evaluate your issues and put together a Preventative Maintenance Service Program for you.      

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